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Day 2: sketching a B2B interview

Day 2: sketching a B2B interview

In the B2B working group we’ve decided to report the interview of another couple of participants, trough a visual storytelling.

Barbara Corsale interviewed Peter Troxler on FabLab Zürich “Co-working space” project, while Peter interviewed Barbara on her three in one project by Fablab Reggio Emilia called “Fablab 4.0”.

Fablab Co-working space // FabLab Zürich

“Fablab Co-working space” consists in providing co-working space (desks, Internet access, shared facilities) for professional designers, engineers and architects which includes direct access to the prototyping and model making facilities of the Fab Lab.

Fablab 4.0 // FabLab Reggio Emilia

Fablab 4.0 is a three in one project composed by three spin off: Train-ER for innovative business model, Industrial metal 3D printing for innovative business model, and Officucina for innovative business model.

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